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  1. I love the video, she’s amazing and so beautiful!!
    Just praying that soon I could hear the voice of my daughter, who was just implanted last week in Houston, she is 29 months old. Our long hearing journal started almost one year ago, when we were living in The Netherlands, we travelled to Germany trying to find a simple cure, which never hapenned, then we moved back to the US and was diagnosed with AN, there was no other choice than the cochlear implant.
    When you get a chance, I highly appreciate if you can share with me what were the most important activities you did after the implant for helping your daughter for the speech development. My daughter is having two hours per week of AVT, but I’m trying to give her as much as we can. thanks in advance for your reply to my e-mail

  2. I can’t stop weeping at how amazingly cute that was! SHe is a gem, a doll, a bright shining light!!!!! I am crying so hard my shoulders are shaking!! What I would give to be able to hear my Sadie speak that well and that clearly! She is on her way….almost 7 months post-activation of ONE CI. She was a preemie, so we may not see the progress that you have seen with Alice. They tell us that some of her “issues” are learning related, and speech processing related due to her prematurity and brain bleed. SHe has beaten ALL of the odds, and is doing remarkably well though. A second CI??? that is my newest dilema. At the moment we emphatically say no….but….never say never!

    • Shannon – what an amazing note to wake up to today. You have no idea how emotional it makes us when we realise how many other people’s lives we have inadvertently touched. I wish you all the best with your decision on no.2 and pray your little one continues to do so well. Do keep in touch.


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