Very proud…

Well Alice has passed another milestone. A small one, but an important milestone nonetheless.

We have always used ‘tube mic locks’ (picture below) on Alice’s N5’s to keep them on her ears. For one reason or another, this works better on one ear than the other, but by and large it keeps them in place for most of the day and allows Alice to go about the everyday business of a four-year-old without too much trouble.

Tube Mic Lock

The downside, of course, being that if one does come off, she has to track down the nearest adult to help her put it back on. We have tried to teach Joseph to do this (the two of them spend an awful lot of time playing together) but, despite being seven, he’s all fingers and thumbs.

This wasn’t a big problem, but being able to manage her processors by herself is an important step for Alice.

Last night at bath time Alice proudly announced that she could now put them on and take them off by herself and proceeded to spend the next 40 minutes demonstrating this. Barring a couple of ‘back-to-front’ hiccups, by Jove she’s got it!

Alice is very proud and so are we. Clever girl.

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