Parents’ evening…

So last week we had Alice’s first Parents’ evening; a chance to talk to Alice’s classroom teacher about how she is getting on.

We both came away full of tears. Regardless of her progress, it was so wonderful to talk about Alice rather than Alice’s deafness. We have always said that we didn’t want Alice to be defined by her hearing problem and here was the eveidence that, for now at least, we are winning.

Alice is getting on really well. In academic terms she is spot on where she should be and she is a popular and chatty member of the class. She is learning to read – something we thought she would really struggle with, and is something of an artist. We are trialling a dynamic soundfield system in her classroom at present, so I hope this is helping – it moves around the school with her and the teachers are reporting good things – she has certainly managed to learn the songs for the nativity….

Anyway, a snippet of Alice showing off for you…

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  1. Hi I posted I few months back. I’m the mother of a little boy called Finn who has presented with exactly the same symptoms as Alice did. He had his first MRI last week and we get the results 15/12, we are really keen for him to get CI’s. I was just wondering if Alice’s deafness resulted in any motor development delays. Our little man is nearly a year old and still cannot sit up or stand un aided. His pead seems to think this can be quite common among deaf children but I dont seem to have come across this.

    Kind Regards

    • Natalie – hi and welcome back!

      It’s not something I’ve ever come across before, but then my experience is relatively narrow. It’s not something we ever saw in Alice. Not standing unaided isn’t that unusual at 12 months in any case.

      Have you been referred to a CI programme as yet? Which hospital are you under?


  2. Thank you for this wonderful site! If hope that it is ok with you if I reference it from mine since you are actively engaged in asking the questions and searching out the best answers for your daughter. I am hoping to build a page for Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder at

    Thank you again!.

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