A Fresh Start

My apologies to our followers have have visted the site over the past day or so. We have decided to update the site and to give it a fresher, more functional layout. This has meant a number of changes to both the look and the format, so please bear with us – hopefully you’ll still be able to find your way around!

In addition, we are moving the focus away from purely being a blog (although we will continue to update it)  and are attempting to transform the site into more of an ‘information site’ and web resource for parents of children with ANSD.

Alice’s mummy gave a talk yesterday to around 35 Audiologists and TODs about ANSD from a parent’s perspective. We were flabberghasted by the number of individuals who already point newly diagnosed families to our site. And so we move on…

Do please let us know what you think and if there are particular things you would like us to add….

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