The Worst Question in the World…

Alice last night:

“Daddy, why are my ears not like yours?”

My heart is broken.

Parents’ evening…

So last week we had Alice’s first Parents’ evening; a chance to talk to Alice’s classroom teacher about how she is getting on.

We both came away full of tears. Regardless of her progress, it was so wonderful to talk about Alice rather than Alice’s deafness. We have always said that we didn’t want Alice to be defined by her hearing problem and here was the eveidence that, for now at least, we are winning.

Alice is getting on really well. In academic terms she is spot on where she should be and she is a popular and chatty member of the class. She is learning to read – something we thought she would really struggle with, and is something of an artist. We are trialling a dynamic soundfield system in her classroom at present, so I hope this is helping – it moves around the school with her and the teachers are reporting good things – she has certainly managed to learn the songs for the nativity….

Anyway, a snippet of Alice showing off for you…

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