Progress…..of sorts

So when we started this year we had two goals: Sort out Alice’s statement and sort out CI #2.

On the statement, it seems we have somewhat hit the buffers. I still have high hopes that we will reach agreement with the County Council on the content of Alice’s statement, but we now have a tribunal date where we will argue our case if necessary. The hope is that we negotiate a happy medium without the misery of having to attend the tribunal (it seems both we and the CC want this – they are time consuming and expensive), but in the mean time we must sit and wait.

The trouble being that for every week that ticks by whilst the bureaucracy drags its heals, it is another week without certainty and another week where we must pay for some of the additional help that Alice needs. To give you an example, the local council has had no SaLT in post for the two years Alice has been implanted – hence all her additional help on this front has had to be provided by and through us.

I’m not holding my breath, but hopefully we will get there – it is the snail’s pace that frustrates us so much.

On CI #2, Alice has now completed her assessment. Alice’s audiology was, as expected, all over the place in her un-implanted ear. Even with the powerful hearing aid Alice still wasn’t getting much help. Another piece of technology resigned to the kitchen drawer.

When we first started the assessment we were told April was a sensible date to aim for for the surgery. April became May….became June….became July….has now become ‘possibly the Autumn’.

Rather by chance than good planning, it seemed we might end up with the Surgery during Alice’s summer break. This would allow her time to recover and start adjusting without the distraction of school – Alice enters Reception (proper school) this Autumn, so it would be wonderful if she were some way down the road by then. It is still possible she may get a slot during July – I suspect if she doesn’t, we may put it off until next summer rather than pile too much on her little plate in one go. We have a meeting with the Dr. David, Alice’s Surgeon, on Wednesday when, hopefully, we will find out.

Again, here’s hoping.

Always hoping……………..

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