Three Men In Another Boat

I Think this year we really must have lost our minds.

Some of you will remember last summer, when three intrepid oarsmen set off to row the Thames, from Kingston to Oxford – upstream – in only three days – Three Men In A Boat 2010

We raised over £5,000 for Auditory Verbal UK and in doing so, hopefully gave something back to a wonderful charity that has changed our lives.

Auditory Verbal UK is a National Charity that teaches deaf children with hearing aids and cochlear implants to listen and speak. After three years of family-based Auditory Verbal therapy, over 80% close the language gap and enter mainstream schools alongside their hearing friends. The charity works directly with around 60 families and reaches out to many more through training programmes for professionals across the UK.

Without the help of Auditory Verbal UK our own daughter Alice, would not now be preparing to enter reception at a school she adores and is fully settled in with her friends.

To say thank you again to the wonderful team at Auditory Verbal UK, we are, this year, upping the ante. Oxford to Kingston in two days. That’s 45 miles and 16 locks per day – pretty much non-stop for 14 hours a day.

I said it last year and I’ll say it again – we must be mad.

If we could raise anything close to last year’s phenomenal target, we could help make a real difference to children across the UK for whom Auditory Verbal UK presents their best chance of integrating fully in the hearing world and achieving their potential.

Please support us and Auditory Verbal UK. Every penny really does make a difference.

You can donate through JustGiving here – Three Men In Another Boat

New Ear

Alice: “Mummy, why I not got new big ear. I want new big ear.”

Today the phonecall came. We had been warned that Alice’s second CI surgery might be moved back to the Autumn due to a lack of surgery slots. We had said if we didn’t have it done in the summer (to give Alice a chance to recover and adjust during the school holidays) we would probably put it back a year.

June 3rd

Just over three weeks away.


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