Meet Mrs. Bump

So today it all happened. After the worry of the hospital not having a bed and potentially having to defer the surgery (which we only found out after we arrived) and the fear of the surgery being stopped in process if Alice’s cold had given her an infection, we finally got there.
Alice's Arrow

This ear please

At about 9:45 Alice went to sleep  in Mummy’s arms and went off to surgery with Mrs Mouse.  We then had the next 5 hours to kill before we would see her again. My advice to anyone – never try and kill 5 hours in Tooting – it’s impossible.

Alice on her way to surgery

Alice on her way to surgery

Anyway, the call came and we ran downstairs to see Alice in recovery. En route, we saw David Selvadurai who told us the surgery had gone very well. They had achieved a full insertion of all the electrodes and they had conducted an IEABR (Implant Evoked ABR) while she was under. This is a relatively new test, but along with the Technical Director of Cochlear who had come along, it showed good ABR signals (something Alice has never had before) so hopefully the future looks bright!

Alice, as ever, conspired to amaze us all. Seven minutes after coming round she was pretty much her normal self again, sitting up and looking like she had had a good sleep but nothing more. She doesn’t seem too bothered by the bandages either – long may it last.

So after a few biscuits and a drink, dinner finally arrived. Alice had been waiting for this for nearly 12 hours. She hoovered it down. I’m not sure what they put in the pasta, but, having come home myself, Mummy tells me it was like rocket fuel and Alice has been running around the ward for the past hour or so. She also discovered a mirror and is most preturbed by what she found staring back at her.

Meet Mrs. Bump

Meet Mrs. Bump

Meet Mrs. Bump.

Lucky Mummy will be staying with Alice tonight, while Daddy and Uncle Gavin look after Joseph, but with hindsight (and to any other parents about to go through this) it was not nearly as bad as I imagined it would be and, most importantly, we have our beautiful daughter back safe and sound (albeit looking a bit like Mr. Bump).

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