The bionic toddler

A little over 24 hours after she came back from surgery, Alice was tucked up in her own bed.  Amazingly, she appears completely oblivious to the enormity of the previous day.  Joseph and Daddy came to get us from the hospital and we got to see the x-ray of her head (including implant).  As Joseph said, it does look scary, taking up a fair part of half her head, she is now truly bionic.

With minimal swelling and little bruising she is now back to her normal chaotic self.  Stopping her from climbing on chairs and running around is almost impossible.  For the curious amongst us the implant is able to be felt, but aside from a very neat scar near her ear, she looks normal.  Curiously, the absolute silence from her implanted ear is not bothering her and she is sleeping well. 

With the surgery behind us, we are now entering the next stage of her journey.  The surgery is such a small part of the success of the implant, to a certain extent, her outcome is now what we make it.

So three weeks of boredom loom, waiting for switch on.  Bring on the 2nd April !


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