So here we are…

So we have finally arrived! Tomorrow, around 9:30am, Alice Elizabeth May Campbell will head off into surgery to have the first of her cochlear implants fitted. The cold seems to have all but cleared up, Joseph is very excited that a machine will be going into Alice’s head, Mummy and Daddy are as nervous as hell and Alice………well Alice is blissfully unaware of what awaits.

I find it slightly odd to contemplate that even after the surgery, bar the discomfort, Alice still wont know that there is a large chip and array of electrodes inside her head. She’ll just think she is having a bad day. But this is the beginning of what will hopefully be a wonderful journey for her and us.

I’m not sure what else to say, other than please keep Alice in your thoughts as she starts her CI journey and pray her surgery goes well.

And from us, litle Alice, we all love you so, so very much and are praying for you. xxx

A parting photo – Alice enjoying her favourite tea the night before her surgery.


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