T Minus Seven Days and Counting…

So the cold seems to be on the wane, thank heavens. We had Alice’s ears checked this week by the GP and again today by David Selvadurai and they seem clear, so barring a disaster, surgery will go ahead as planned next Friday!

Last night we went to an evening organised by Cochlear. It was basically an introduction to the Nucleus Freedom system, but also covered new developments and had a useful Q&A session at the end. We got to meet people with CI’s, got to meet some of the Cochlear team and, most importantly, some other parents in the same boat as us, including some whose daughter also has ANSD – it’s a small world.

As every day passes I become more and more convinced we are doing the right thing. I still find it hard to look at Alice knowing what will happen to her next week, but hopefully in time she will understand and appreciate the decision and forgive us for the scar.

We also went to St. George’s again this morning for what will hopefully be the last pre-op appointment. Audiology had been planned, but we decided it wasn’t worth it as we didn’t want to force this issue with Alice wearing her molds. She is now doing much better with the BTE pieces and happily wears them most of the time again (with a little help from the boob-tape). Everyone seems pleased with this progress and I just hope that once the CI is in, she will accept it readily – only time will tell.

We also had to choose the colour of the BTE part of the device. My default position was ‘girly pink’, but we were advised that a colour that matches her hair would be best. Flesh coloured it is then – sorry Alice, I know it is dull. Alice, off her own bat, decided to put on some of the BTE devices and proudly marched around the room with them on. 

Most importantly, David introduced us to the little girl who he had operated on seven days ago. She had just had simultaneous bilaterals fitted. We were sat with her in the waiting room beforehand and, truth be known, I had no idea she had CIs implanted, let alone so recently. Little Jocelyn was remarkable for a little one who had had the surgery only a week ago. Most astonishing was that the scars were barely visible, the wounds had healed and there was no swelling at all. You would never know if you weren’t told.

I can only hope Alice heals as well as Jocelyn was a real inspiration to us both.

Seven days and counting….

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