No germs please

So with only 10 or so days to go, the key is to keep Alice well.  Any infection in her ears, clearly surgery won’t go ahead.  Additionally, if she is unwell, it makes her tolerance to anaesthetic lower, so we need to keep her away from bugs. 

What’s the first thing that happens…. Alice gets a cold.  Not a bad one, but a cold is not welcome.  We’ve tried our best to avoid people and busy places and are currently offending friends and family with draconian hygiene measures.  Bugger….. lots of orange juice and TLC and she should be fine, just another little stress to pile on. 

However, the good news is, Alice is now wearing her BTE (behind the ear) hearing aid bits.  For what ever reason she doesn’t like the mold any more, but as the implant doesn’t have a mold, that’s fine by us. I even suffered the shame of going into La Senza to buy boob-tape  to stick them behind her ears.

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