Are we right or wrong, will we ever know ?

Alice will have her right ear implanted with a cochlear implant on the 6th March 2009.  Even when we were writing the email to confirm, we weren’t sure….

However, our reasoning is sound, her doctors agree and we can always add another ear soon after. 

It came down to 3 simple facts.  Alice does not need bilaterals to start her journey into hearing / sound.  She does need a positive experience.  Focusing on 1 ear and 1 CI allows us time to get her used to wearing it and used to the new world, without the stress and worry of trying to do both.  It also allows for the faint possibility of her left ear improving. 

So now its anti-bac handwash everytime we enter the house, its no parties, playgroups, swimming or fun. Its keep her safe and most importantly well and focus on getting those aids back on.  Bribery and diligence are key.

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