The best Christmas Present ever ……

Whilst the world enjoyed the joyful celebration that is Christmas, in the Campbell household, Christmas was particularly special this year.

2012 has been a very mixed year, in some ways the most amazing with the safe arrival of Oliver, but then his deafness has also continued the hard work of the last couple of years. But without a doubt, one of the highlights of the year, was Alice’s final session at AV UK. After 3.5 years on the course, Alice graduated with above age appropriate language and we are cast adrift into the world. Alice just thought it was an excuse to eat cake and tell Rosie about her world, we were secretly shedding a tear of pride.

When Rosie told Alice she wasn’t coming back because she had learned to talk and listen so well, Alice just answered,”I know.………….”

We have created a self-assured little girl who is more than capable of speaking for herself. Leaving AV is really hard for parents. They have been the most incredible support and holder of our hands. I always tell people that the second call we made after family was to AV when Oliver was diagnosed. We needed them to remind us that it was all going to be ok. When problems have arisen, our concerns and emails are always answered in a calm and reassuring manner. We put our faith in them when they said they could change Alice’s fortune and to trust them – we did.

I would be more scared if I didn’t know we’d be back there in a month’s time for Oliver. By the time he graduates, we will be experts.

But in the meantime, Merry Christmas and thank you Santa for the greatest gift, Alice’s future.


Our Pom!

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