A brief request…

When we started this blog more than two years ago now (where’s my life gone?) we did so for entirely noble reasons. We hoped to help, in some small way, people in the same boat as us – people struggling with wading through the minefield of information and misinformation.

We have had nothing but positive feedback on the way and if we can have helped just one family in their journey, then I will rest easy. The site has taken us a long time to put together. As we researched Alice’s problem for our own ends, we tried to put it into our own words to help others out there. Where we have not used our own words, hopefully we have credited others correctly.

That said, the internet is an odd and crazy place. Whilst I would not wish to discourage anyone from spreading news and information about ANSD and CIs, can I just request that when referencing or copying formats and information from our blog that they are credited accordingly (please see copyright notice at the bottom of the page)?

Thanks and sorry for the grump

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