I Knew This Had All Been Going Too Well

A word of advice for anyone in our shoes. Never take anything for granted and, by and large, when it comes to the bureaucracy, never take anyone at their word.

The Statementing process (statement of special educational needs – the means by which the council / LEA apportions money to pay for additional care for children with special educational needs) is and was new to us. No matter how many times people have tried to explain it to me, I am none the wiser. Essentially, there are two parts to the process. Firstly you apply for an assessment and then the assessment decides what your child’s additional needs are and, to what extent they will be paid for.

Being approved for assessment, we were assured, was a formality. At the same meeting Alice would be approved for her assessment, she would gain ‘discretionary funding’ to pay for additional help while the assessment was formalising the longer term solution. “Don’t worry” we were told.

After reams of paperwork pulled together by Alice’s School, AV, The ToDs and us, the application for assessment went to a panel last week. Today we got the letter telling us of the decision.

Alice was refused the assessment.

The letter patronisingly referred to appreciating that Alice had ‘Hearing Difficulties” and that they understood we would be “upset by this decision”. She is profoundly deaf. CI or no CI, she is and always will be deaf. It’s not going to go away. Morons.

There is an appeals process.

Hell hath no fury.

The case for appeal is already being prepared.

Alice is still happy and oblivious and loved the snow.

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