Happy New Year

We have been very slack, a few months have passed by and we haven’t updated Alice’s story.  Sometimes life can just pass by.  Alice however, continues to progress.  Christmas brought its very own presents in terms of new sentences and an expanding vocabulary.  Alice still doesn’t know that many words but can now string together “where’s daddy’s hot drink” or “my peppa pig bed”.

My or mine are her new favourite words and are part of expanding Alice’s “language of negotiation” as we seek to encourage her to play with her peers.  We notice how she is often quiet and gets stressed about sharing, so we are giving her the words that she needs.  But the best present of all was from school.  Alice singing her nativity songs was more than we could ever imagine, so a short video to brighten up your day.  Remember Alice has only been hearing for 9  months (Alice is second from the right)

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