School !



 Alice has started school.  In the last 12 months, I sometimes wondered if I would ever be able to write that.  We’ve now had two mornings at nursery and both times Alice has just got on with things.  When we pick her up she is full of smiles and giggles, a joyful sight for us all.  Alice is playing nicely with the other little girls and is enjoying singing and painting in class.  For a little girl who is just starting to develop her speech and language this is amazing.  The school have taken everything in their stride and seem very pleased and very relaxed.  Alice greets her teacher with a smile and barely notices when we sneak out the back.  The attitude of her school has been amazing, we have been met with interest, understanding and patience.  We’ve both over planned with detailed pictures of her ear, spares and instructions and then they wave us off like any other parents.

I guess that’s it, Alice is with little girls the same age and they are all just accepting her as she is.  As they waved good bye to their new friend Alice, she smiled and said bye bye.  She is happy, we are ecstatic

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