The Ministry of Misinformation

Friday was the last (allegedly) of Alice’s Audiology appointments prior to the review meeting on March 6th. As she had only just received the new moulds for her new aids they decided to postpone this to give her more of a chance to settle in with them.

There are two issues with this: Firstly, i only found this out once I had arrived at the hospital. Secondly, her aids feed back so badly and have obviously hurt her that she wont let them near her now.

I said to the CI manager that it wasn’t a problem that they were postponing the audiology as we now have the 6th March as a back-stop date, so long as it was before that. She said that we needed a break, having been at the hospital so often. She also, as an afterthought, mentioned that the 6th March wasn’t the date for her review, it was the date for her surgery!!!

This was caveated with a “I’m pretty sure, I’ll call you to confirm”.

No call as yet, but this could be (not holding my breath) the best news for little Alice yet. We may finally be there in only 5 weeks!

Nonetheless, Alice keeps smiling

Little Alice

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