A DATE !!!!

Ready or not Alice has a provisional surgery date in 5 weeks time of the 6th March.  A few small hurdles to overcome between now and then, but a date nontheless

Are we ready ? Will we ever be? 

The reality of the surgery itself looms large but the potential for our little girl to start to hear the world is incredible.  We’re scared and hope that we are making the right decision (dear Alice, we do it with the best intentions) but the waiting will soon be over.

To see her signing last night made me cry (bye bye brother and kiss kiss) at bedtime, to hear her say it one day will put the whole world into context.

Dear friends, please keep her safe in your thoughts and wait for the biggest party ever when the outcome becomes clear.


4 responses

    • thank you !

      pretty scary we’ve been demanding it for so long…. now we just have to keep her away from germs …

  1. Wonderful news, Gavin told me yesterday and great to see it confirmed. Really excited for you all – you’ll be in our prayers.

    Liz x

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