The Story About My Ears…

We found this in Alice’s room this evening. She’s quite the writer and has a room filled with little notebooks full of her musings. In light of the article in yesterday’s Observer, never have I felt more assured that we did the right thing…She’s wonderful.

Apologies for the spelling corrections….

“The Story About My Ears

When I was born I was little and then my parents, my mum and dad, and brother Joseph kept me for 18 months and something went very wrong I could not hear a thing not a single sound. When my parents said my name I would not look at them so they went to the Doctor’s and the Doctor said “she can’t hear you” so that means she is deaf. Then when I was older I got processors and I could hear. Hip Hip Hooray for me”


alice story


More tears for Mummy and Daddy….

Alice & Ollie in The Observer…

A lovely article about the miracle of Cochlear Implantation. I will let the piece speak for itself, but there’s not a dry eye in the house right now. I am so proud of Alice and Ollie…

P22-24 ‘The New Review’, Observer 16th March 2014




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