Hi Ollie…

..after all the worrying, tears and sleepless nights, that was it. It was perfect. Welcome to the world Ollie; we hope you like it.



For the rest of the day you can find me at the bottom of a bottle of wine….x

7 responses

    • We know (and hope) he will. Your blog is fantastic by the way. A great and inspiring story.

      I hope one day Ollie appreciates music as much as you do and Alice is starting to!


  1. I have been following your blog for about 12months now. We live in Australia and like you have a 3rd child, a little boy just turned 1yr in May this year. He was diagnosed at 6wks of age and was a huge shock to our family (2 older hearing siblings). We have recently been given our date for a CI and are excited and nervous but have so much hope for him. Your blog has been like a friend sharing the same road as us…I too feel nervous about making such big decisions for such little people but feel confident that they will be happy with the outcome. We wish Little Ollie (my 2nd son is Olly!)all the success in the hearing world.

    • Kate – thanks so much for getting in touch. It’s funny how Alice and Ollie’s stories have reached so very far…….Let us know how your CI process unfolds; it will all be worth it in the end!


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