A Moment of Reflection…

It’s been a while since we posted here. A lot has happened in a few short months, but for today I wanted to put some words to paper for a wonderful woman who changed the world and our lives forever.

Jacqueline Stokes, founder of AVuk, amazing AVT, inspiration and dear friend. I could go on forever with adjectives to describe a woman whose infectious enthusiasm, dedication and unique manner took a moment of darkness for us and turned it to light. Everything Jacqueline stood for and everything she gave us has made the world so much a better place for Alice and now little Ollie . We were truly blessed to have met her.

The last time I saw Jacqueline in October at AVuk’s 10th Anniversary party, whilst doing my best to hold it together, I told her that she would never know what she had given us and how much she had done for our family. Jacqueline simply replied “Thank you for inviting me on the journey”. How very Jacqueline…

Jacqueline sadly passed away before Christmas and today we said our farewell.

We will all miss her forever as will the countless thousands of children and families whose lives she has touched.

Thank you Jacqueline.

A memory of happier times:


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