Open to the floor…

In 2008 we started this blog as a means of communicating ours and Alice’s journey through ANSD and into the world of cochlear implants. Along came Ollie and the journey continues.

Our blog, by all accounts, has been presented to parents and professionals from Australia to Jordan and I am moved daily at how many lives Alice has touched. We often meet people at CI gatherings who greet us like long-lost friends or receive emails from folk who feel they know Alice and Ollie so well and for who we have provided some hope.

We are blessed and very lucky with our beautiful and remarkable family.


We have had over 50,000 unique visitors to our blog and have between 50 and 100 unique hits per day. We’ve even been on TV!  I wish I had something more meaningful to tell you all. Our journey continues and Alice and Ollie continue to amaze us every day.

I am, however, conscious that our blog has evolved to be one of the main sources of information for people searching on Google for info on ANSD. With that goes a certain responsibility. I remember how helpless we felt when we were told that Alice was in the subset of a subset of a subset. Google turned up very little written by parents for parents. I hope, in some small way, we have changed that.

And this is where you all come in – if you’d like to. I recognise that Alice and Ollie’s story is but one, small example of an ANSD journey. One filled with hope, but one that is as unique as everybody else’s. We have, therefore, thought that it might be a good idea to open up our site to other families who would like to share their story with the world. To families who can offer a different angle on the ANSD journey, warts and all.

In short, would any of you be interested in sharing your story with the world and helping others as, hopefully, we have done? whether this is just a story or an on-going ‘blog’, I really think there is something more we can do to help others.

Drop a note below and we can take it from there…..

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Zane has his switch on today! We are willing to share all in our journey….including the not so pretty moments. We are in Australia so the system here is quite different but will give a good prespective.
    Your blog has been such a great place to visit….I have even shown my 2 older boys Ollie’s ‘switch on’ so they can get an idea, so your site is useful in so many ways! Thanks

    • Kate thank you so much.

      Fab news about the switch-on; do let us know how it goes!

      If you email me something through the link on the front page, I’ll put it up. It would be really good to share different stories and experiences from around the world.


  2. For some reason the various “email us” links are not working? Let me know if I can contact you in another way.

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