Can we just get on with it?

We’re at a horrible time in Oliver’s life as we feel like we’re in Limbo.

Things we know –

  •                 Oliver hears bugger all, all the testing is pointing at a fairly stable profound loss (c. 105dB);
  •                 Given it’s genetic and the outcome we have seen with Alice, he will benefit from an implant and it’s the key to giving him access to spoken language;
  •                 Cochlear implants have the best outcomes the earlier they are done;
  •                 The surgery for bilateral implants takes time, especially on small heads;
  •                 Surgery is not without risks, especially on the young;

So its never an easy decision to put your small one through surgery, but in our heart of hearts we know it’s the right one.  So we want to get on with it, but I guess secretly wishing we don’t have to.  Here in lies the problem, we are stuck in due process, in testing and report writing and meetings.  All we want is for our little boy to hear the world and we are stuck.  We want to get on with AVT, with introducing him to noise and instead we are stuck.

So we wait…….for how long, who knows?

At least we had the message back from the hospital this morning that Oliver has been referred for his CT and MRI scans. Shame he had these last October…..

2 responses

    • Jen,

      No, not at all – let’s just say this was a gentle dig in the ribs which seems to have had the desired effect. Got Ollie’s family meeting next week now. Gulp.


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