ANSD on the BBC

As some of you will be aware (not least, because we have mentioned it here a few times), the BBC have kindly commissioned a short piece (around 15 minutes) as part of next week’s ‘See Hear’ programme, about ANSD. This will be the first television programme, anywhere in the world (so far as we are aware) to help raise the profile of ANSD. I can only thank the BBC for believing in us when we wrote to them…It will include an interview with Kai Uus from the Uni of Manchester, an interview with Alice’s CI surgeon, David Selvadurai (including film of him operating), interviews with us and plenty of footage of Alice at School and in Audiology. We are all very excited (none more so than Alice herself)

Anyhow, the programme will be aired next Wednesday, 24th October at 1300pm on BBC2. It will be repeated twice thereafter and will be available on the BBC’s iPlayer after the event. We will try to get a copy put up on the blog for those of you in other countries who can’t view it first-hand. More info can be found here: BBC See Hear Website – let us know what you think when you’ve seen it (we haven’t seen it yet ourselves).

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