Pearson’s Pre-School Language Test No. 4

In the world of the deaf, these tests are conducted 6 monthly as a means of assessing your child’s receptive and expressive language against the normal distribution. Essentially you get an overall ‘age’ and then a breakdown of your child’s age for each discipline.

One of the whole points behind AVT is to narrow the language gap your CI child has at switch on. Your child should be assessed soon after switch on and the gap between their actual age and their PLS age is the gap you need to close. In an ideal world, every time your child is tested, this ‘language gap’ will narrow. The be-all and end-all is for it to be zero.

Zero equals age appropriate speech and language.

Zero is what we dream of.

When Alice was switched on her actual age was two years, her first PLS was 11 months (essentially saying she had the language capability of an 11 month old).

Today, just over 18 months after switch on, Alice is 3 years and 10 months old and her overall PLS-4 score was 3 years 7 months. This is biased in favour of her receptive language (where Alice is now 47th percentile measured against the general population) as her expressive language (25th percentile) still lags a bit.

We both cried.

I think we are winning

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