Alice – Who wants one ? – “Meeeeee”

Sometimes it’s important to draw a line in the sand.  Alice’s speech and language are delayed.  Not a surprising comment, but how much is something less tangible. According to her most recent testing, Alice is currently about 1 year behind.  Oh god she’s a year behind! but actually its more of she’s only a year behind.  With everything that has happened since we discovered a year ago, I couldn’t be more pleased.  We have a target, albeit one that keeps moving but we can see “age appropriate” on the horizon.  The game is now to narrow the gap as quickly as we can. As parents we are now firmly AV, as confirmed by our continual use of “Good Job” to every spoken response. I think we may be slowly driving ourselves mad.

Alice is targeted to have 30 words in 6 months, her pace is picking up and we hope she does better than that.  We can count around 20 approximations.  One of the common misconceptions is that you should think of implantees in terms of hearing age.  But Alice has the brain of a toddler not an infant hence the increased expectation.  Normal 2 year olds have many more than that, so we have to up our game.

Daddy is sitting at home delighted that Alice can finally say something that sounds like Daddy. The joy the small things bring is difficult to put into words. x

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