Despite the Christmas period, we continue on our path of appointments, these are a combination of the implant assessments and then the ongoing speech and language appointments that are provided by the PCT / Surrey education.

Alice had her first proper session with the Kingston SLT, Mila on the 23rd December. Mila is really good with her and is much more focused on measurable achievement. After our initial assessment at Christopher Place, we have come to realise that (and this is clearly obvious to everyone but us) communication is a 2-way street and Alice needs her own language. She can certainly tell us NO these days (a beautiful pout) and has other methods but these are pretty rudimentary. Mila has given us and Alice homework to make sure that we are pushing her forward. Alice can ask for most things (through pointing) and is now doing a lovely bye-bye (with extra kisses). We are now cueing and signing with her and her ability to get her message across is developing daily. Alice understands the following;

Mummy (cued), Daddy (cued), sleep (makaton / natural gesture), bye-bye (natural gesture, cued), kiss (home sign), drink (makaton), eat (makaton), cat (makaton), pig (makaton), where (home sign), good girl (cued), sh sh (natural gesture), wee wee (cued), poo (cued), gone (natural gesture) and we are working on dog, horse, brother and more.

No news on the timing of the implant, but we are still hopeful of Spring….

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