Alice’s Last Session With Dr. Wendy

e·nig·ma (ĭ-nĭg’mə) n.

One that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable.
[Latin aenigma, from Greek ainigma, from ainissesthai, ainig-, to speak in riddles, from ainos, fable.]

4 months of appointments later – Five sets of VRA tests, four sets of OAEs, two sets of ABRs, two stapedial reflexes, one CT scan, one MRI scan, two sets of hearing aid molds – this is the best word I can come up with to describe our darling little Alice.

We were back at St. George’s today (no parking nightmare this time because the nanny, Nicci, brought Alice along) for our final session with Dr. Wendy. As Alice is now on the CI programme, all her Audiology (and there is plenty more to come) will be done by the Audiologists within the programme.

Claire and I were rather sad when we left. Dr. Wendy has been a great source of both information and help over the past few months and has been fantastic with Alice. More importantly, she has been happy to sit and listen to us rambling on with our theories and fears and has always responded with a smile and words of encouragement.

No doubt we will see her again, if only in the corridor.

Today’s tests were, as ever, baffling. The VRAs started off ok (again), but seemed to tail off (the enigmas that are Alice and ANSD). Alice has got rather used to waving at Pooh and Piglet in their little boxes and, as ever, performed as a model patient. Dr. Wendy firmly believes that a CI is the best possible course of action for Alice and hopes she will do well – all the indications are in her favour, but we wont know until a long while after it is fitted. As I said before, the day she says ‘Daddy’ I will feel like it has all been worthwhile.

Alice’s new molds will have Christmas pictures in them (how very festive of her) a Father Christmas and a Snowman. Let’s hope she has her CI before people start to look at her oddly.

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