Now I would be the first to admit, that with my friends I am generally rubbish. I don’t call, I don’t have dinner or lunch out much and I mostly forget birthdays….

In contrast our friends and family have been amazing. Grandparents are all taking cued speech lessons with us, brother and sisters have all been sent their homework, as have various friends.

The emails, texts and phone calls we continue to receive are not only extraordinarily kind, but also just what we need to keep going. We can not be strong without them.

In addition, our friends know some amazing (and incredibly useful) people, they have gone out of their way to exploit contacts in the hope of trying to help us make the best decisions we can. People we have never met or don’t really know have offered support, kindness and fantastically useful advice.

The best I can offer in return, is I know a good ironing lady in surbiton…..So this goes out to everyone, thank you. We wouldn’t have got this far without you.


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