Test Results

9:30pm and David Selvadurai calls with Alice’s test results. Does this man never rest?

All is well (well, as well as could be hoped). The physiology of Alice’s ears is normal. Auditory nerves are present and of normal calibre with no obvious neuropathy and the cochlea look good. ABRs, however, are again completely absent.

What does all this mean – I’m not sure we will ever know.

Anyway, David suggests we begin the process of being referred to him formally on the CI programme (we had only seen him privately up until now) if for no other reason than this will give Alice access to Speech and Language support and other services through Christopher Place (http://www.speech-lang.org.uk/) and St. George’s and might speed up the assessment process if we go down this route formally.

Ironically, a friend whose niece has a CI had already recommended Christopher Place to us, so we already had the forms to start this process.

We have to see Dr. Wendy again to get the referall.

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