Dr. Wendy Calls…

Dr. Wendy calls

She has spoken to Dr Sirimanna at GOSH (Great Ormond St) and he has suggested the following: cued speech, get hearing aids and go and see him post the scans….

Cued speech – fortunately as a prolific google-ers we’d found it already.

Essentially, BSL (British Sign Language) is just that, another language and has been the traditional communication method for the deaf.

Cued speech is just a visual representation of what you actually say . Research in the US has, time and time again, stated that children that understand cue-ing perform in line with their hearing peers. Alice is deaf but I’m buggered if she’s not going to achieve everything that she was always going to, hearing or otherwise. So cued speech it is….. Grandparents, siblings, godparents and others have booklets, night school and a new world waiting. http://www.learntocue.co.uk

so we’re back the following week for the ear mold impressions and a week later for fitting

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